When traveling with children over the summer, one always has to take snacks with them. If not, hangry kids can make a fun excursion into memorable meltdown. Plane food often is less than to be desired and if you get stuck on the tarmac,  you can’t leave your seat to get food. If you have a delay, you are purchasing from shops that charge three times the price of your local stores. Train and car trips also often are long and need a fantastic food moment. Plan ahead and save the day and money! Happy child, happy trip! The following are some healthy fun foods that you can pack in your child’s travel bag and in your go bag, that can be used in the event that your child needs a nutritious, healthy pick me up.

88 Acres The Seed Co. makes Roasted Watermelon Seed Butter with no added sugar in 33G easy to carry packs. It’s real nutrition that tastes great! Also have their Maple Sunflower Seed Butter in the 33G pouch to satisfy big hunger in little people. Both are nut free. The company makes Spiced Ginger Apple Seed Bars, Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Seed Bars, and Cinnamon and Date Seed Bars as well.  Being Nut Free, Gluten Free, and Non GMO, make them very healthy choices when chomping. Having these small snacks in pockets can save the day when stuck for 3 extra hours in a city!

Pro Bar has a line that is perfect for the whole family to fill your tummies  and get your daily nutrition. Pro Bar 20g Protein Peanut Butter Chocolate is gluten free and flavor full! It is all about whole superfoods! The Pro Bar Meal Banana Nut Bread has 9g of protein and is gluten free. This limited edition bar can replace a meal and but place a smile on a kids face in a pinch. The Pro Bar Bite Organic Energy Bars have 4g of sugar and are plant based and dairy free. They are a boost of energy for the whole family on the beach or while walking around on a trip.

Farmer’s Pantry has produced a delicious and crisp line of corn bread treats in easy to travel and portion control sizes. The Original, Honey Butter, and barbeque flavor Cornbread Crisps are delicious! They are proudly made in the USA! Dip them in apple sauce or yogurt to add to the experience! The fact that the crackers are corn bread based makes them delightfully different!

SPROUT has an organic line that is yummy no matter how old you are. Toss their products in your bag for hungry family members to smile. The Blueberry Apple Wafflez Oven Baked Stoneground Wheat Snack can fit in a pocket. The Red Fruit Beet & Berry with Crispy Brown Rice may not sound delicious, but it is. So, give it a try and don’t be judgmental! It has a full serving of fruits and veggies for those picky eaters!! The Crinklez Pumpkin Carrot popped veggie snacks is a great substitute for unhealthy chips. Kids feel that they are getting a caloric treat and you know they are eating a nutritious snack. Similar, Two Peas in a Pod by SPROUT Aged White Cheddar Pulled Snack that is made with chickpeas and Lentils and is gluten free goodness combined with plant powered protein.

Drizzilicious makes the MOST amazing sweet snack that satisfies the sugar cravings. Mini rice cakes in crazy flavors like Cinnamon Swirl Bites and Birthday Cake are truly treats for every kid and kid at heart. They are made with chia, quinoa, and flax, so you can say that you snacked healthy! These could be places on cakes foe a pretty decorative element..

Black Forest So Juicy So Good  Gummy Bears is made with Real Fruit Juice. They are fat free and the colors are from real sources. Giving your children a sweet doesn’t have to be a dilemma any longer or produce guilt. Gummy goodness can be placed on cupcakes, cookies, or just popped in your mouth.

Bring along an assortment of treats and goodies for a good time where ever you may go. Kids like consistency. While it is important to try new foods, especially in new environments, having old favorites is important to little people. Traveling can be challenging in the best of times. Being prepared is half the battle. If you bring the above snacks, you will be a hero.