A New Notebook with Superpowers That’s Perfect for Back to School

Summer is in full swing but it’s also time to start thinking about Back to School!

Noteworthy, savvy, exciting, a notebook that allows the kids to be different, be adventurous, be creative and be cool.

Hamelin, encourages and applaud students who are any and all of the above, and more.  They took this one step further and designed especially for these students, a beautiful, innovative, brand new notebook, that is worthy of their ideas, their creativity, and their essence. Their notebooks, which just launched in North America. a few months ago, stand out among the crowd, and they aren’t like other notebooks out there.

They bridge the analog and digital worlds, as they come with a free app, SCRIBZEE ®, that allows notetakers to scan, save, organize, share and access their notes, all from the cloud.  They feature iridescent hardcovers in seven colors, smooth, bright OPTIK ®paper, that does not bleed through, (so you can write on both sides!), extra wide pocket folders and organization sticker tabs.

With SCRIBZEE® and hamelin notebooks you can:

  • Save your handwritten notes in an ultra-secure cloud.
  • Collate and sort them by subject with presentations, images and other digital content transmitted by your tutors.
  • Share notes with other members of your work groups via social networks
  • Email notes to classmates!
  • Click on the picture on the left!


Check out this video!