The Sweets of Spain by Jennifer Stein

There is something for everyone in Spain when it comes to desserts! Decadent dreamy chocolate based desserts to fantastic fruity memorable meal enders await the food connoisseur. Going to a mercado, like Mercado De San Miguel in Madrid or Mercado de La Boqueria in Barcelona offer a variety of small delicious tastes all under the same roof. Crème caramels, churros, Pave, Quesada Pasiega, Leche Frita all can be purchased. Many of the desserts are not  over sweet. They are rich and subtlety sweet with complex flavors that beg for the eater to take one more bite.

Cremas, tartas, flans, cookies, and cheesecakes are all available with local twists as you cover the country. Each region adds their distinctive twist. Local bakers and chocolatiers are happy to share their gems with eager fans. The use of local ingredients sets the desserts apart and creates distinctive flavor groupings. Lemon, orange, and unique honeys add regional taste. Bringing home baked goods will make you a gift giving god! Why purchase leather when you can get torrijas, miguelitos, panellets, bienmesabe Canario, or ensaimada? Don’t laugh, but I brought back chocolate cereal  for my son to show his Spanish class with Loco Chocolate packaging and it was a huge hit!

Almond ice cream, Arbequina Olive Oil ice cream, or Cinnamon ice cream should be tried when in Span at least once, if not every day. The Spanish love their homemade ice cream and make it with care. While most Americans would never drizzle good olive oil on top of ice cream, in Spain, it is common to do so. While the concept may seem odd, it taste complementary to the creamy  dessert. Ice cream cookies, cakes, and cones are all available. While the weather is nice and hot, this cool dessert is perfect before siesta.

While churros with chocolate con leche is the dessert most people know from Spain, it is far from the only choice a hungry traveler has.  When exploring the culinary landscape, explore the many flavors that compromise Spanish desserts. From crusty to creamy, and from rich deep and delightful to cool and crisp, Spanish desserts are memorable and magical.