Back to School Fashions for Curvy Female Teens by J. Stein, MSW

Back to school is a time for kids to look cool, make great impressions, and start the year off right. Everyone wants to look their best. When you have a teen that is considered “curvy”, “plus sized”, or “fluffy”, back to school shopping can cause anxiety, stress, and feelings of isolation. When groups of girls go together shopping and your daughter can’t buy anything but sox or a bag in a store, this can lead to feelings of doubt, frustration, and poor self-image. Luckily, today there are more body positive models in society and stores for girls that are size 16 plus. Taking your child to such a store lets them see that women come in all shapes and sizes. Online the options are endless. Teaching our children that healthy, not a size, is important.

Fall Fashion Forecast- We are looking at yellow hitting the scene with black, denim is always hot, camo is calling, and plaid is no longer bad. The sleeves are more tailored, while pants go from flowing to fitted. Animal prints are pretty and work boots that have liners for warmth are wonderful.

Whatever makes your daughter feel good about herself is what she should wear. Trying to fit into styles that don’t fit her or look like a giant sack are unacceptable. As adults we need to show the next generation that they are beautiful, no matter what size they are. Fashion forward isn’t just for a sized 2. Any child can show their style if they are given the correct sizes and shapes to choose from.

While a child may go up and down on the scale, we as adults need to get them clothing that fits. It can be hard on the wallet, but when a child feels good about how they look, they are happier. A happy child does better in school, in socialization, and in all around relationships.

Adults need to speak to their children about their weight, healthy eating habits, exercise, and what makes them happy and why. Peers can be mean, so parents have to have an open dialogue on the subject. Ignoring the “elephant” in the room only can hurt your child. Ask questions about how they are treated and feel in school. Support the child and have fun shopping with them. Celebrate who they are now. The most common mistake people make is telling a child that is obese that they have a pretty face or great hair. They may have that, but they as a whole are beautiful.

So, if you or your student is looking for great fall back to school clothes, than please consider the below shops. Many have great deals and promotions.

If you are in the NYC area, both Curvy Con and the Ashley Stewart show are coming up in the next few weeks. Look for details online.


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