Top STEM Toys for 2018

Most of these toys  were on the Hot for the Holidays list and will continue to be hot in 2017!

  • SkyViper V2400HD Streaming Video Drone 12+ Skyrocket $249.99 Stream &record HD vViperDroneideo with the auto launch & land drone. Practice on the flight simulator app.
  • CODER MiP 8+ WowWee $99.00-$60 programmable award winning balancing robot for curious kids who want to learn coding, play games, & explore robotics
  • Snap Circuits® 3D Illumination 8+ Elenco® $45.47 Build over 150 projects with over 50 parts that snap together and use electricity
  • 90sq.m The Architectural Model Building Design Tool 230+ pcs 14+ ARCKIT® $99.99 Made in Ireland for young architects who want to use the freeform model making system. Explore digital designs with online access to Arckit Digital components within the SketchUp 3D Warehouse. This award winning kit comes with realistic building finishes too for structures!
  • Roominate Emma’s Townhouse Design 6+ PlayMonster $34.99 wire and construct a colorful townhouse for Emma. Learn strategic STEM skills
  • LUMI 8+ WowWee $69.99 A Drone of your own that does tricks, follows you, has great light shows, and allows one to program air shows.
  • Cubetto 3+ Primo $225 discover coding & problem solving with a wonderful wooden robot set
  • BLOXELS 8+ Mattel $49.95 Use blocks to layout your game and character and then use the app to capture and customize your work. If you have a BLOXEL account, you can then play your game and challenge others by sharing it on the Infinity Wall.
  • Mebo™ 8+ Skyrocket® $149.99 Radical robot with real time audio/video streaming, 5-Axis Precision Controlled Arm to grab you a cold drink, and 6 all-terrain wheels
  • Cotton Candy Carnival 8+ Roominate Play Monster $39.99 create and wire a real moving Ferris wheel, Carousel, & stands for the 2 funky friends. Circuits & motors can make it all move!