CEO of Miliboo, Guillaume Lachenal, Brings his Visions to Life One Piece of Furniture at a Time

New York, NY, December 5, 2016 – It’s one thing to have a house with nice furniture. It’s another thing to have a house with contemporary, connected furniture that not only looks striking, but also can make your life easier.

Next month at CES, Guillaume Lachenal, CEO of the U.S.-based division of French online furniture giant Miliboo, will unveil a product called EKKO – the world’s first connected smart mirror – a product that clearly accomplishes both objectives.  For Lachenal, the road to EKKO was certainly a tale of functionality following passion.

A native of Annecy, France, Lachenal – while furnishing a new house several years ago – was disillusioned due to the inability to acquire tech-friendly furniture that also looks good. Little did he know that this setback would actually lead him to develop the Miliboo Corporation (

ekko-miliboo-1Miliboo was the ultimate outgrowth of Lachenal’s love of technology.  At the tender age of eight, he would tear apart his household appliances, trying to figure out how everything worked – much to the chagrin of his mother, who would often times find her phone in pieces when she wanted to make a call. At age nine, he built his own computer.  Then later in life, he revolutionized the Internet by founding Net Work Communications.

After a long career as a serial tech entrepreneur, Lachenal bought that home, and that’s where the next stage of his transformation took hold.  Since boyhood, Lachenal actively developed solutions to problems he encountered, and so – drawing upon that passion – he embarked on a mission to create his own interactive furniture.  After considering that there might be others who shared his desire, he came to the realization that a viable demand truly existed for modern, trendy furniture.

And that’s how was born.

After several years of selling furniture while growing Miliboo into a major player throughout Europe, Lachenal decided to combine his ekko-miliboo-2technological knowledge with his furniture company. He developed a range of furniture that are not simply gadgets, but that provide real assistance and value to those who own them. EKKO: Miliboo’s smart mirror is the first of that realm.

While the design, construction and manufacturing process of modern mirrors has drastically improved since they were first created 200 years ago, little has changed regarding the way they are used at home today. What Lachenal designed is a genuine piece of furniture – classic Scandinavian design that reflects users’ personalities while allowing them to customize their experience depending on their needs. Easily integrated with smartphones through a mobile app, EKKO is much more than a mirror, adding a substantial layer of information to visual imagery. Smart furniture is a rapidly growing product niche, and while there are a few other smart mirrors in play, Miliboo remains the clear smart mirror industry pioneer, unparalleled in the marketplace.

Lachenal and members of the Miliboo team will be at CES in Las Vegas, January 5-8, 2017. The company will showcase several prototypes of their comprehensive new product line, exhibiting from the Eureka Park Marketplace in Hall G, Booth #50836 at the Sands Expo Center.

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